Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fast & light, Mt Shark to Sunshine

It was a quick in & out, with 4 hours sleep at Assiniboine. Zidek & I hatched the plan over a beer 2 days earlier, a beer with none other than Andre Renner, king pin of Assiniboine Lodge.

We left Shark at the ridiculously late time of 21:45 - I had to work late - dashed in over Assiniboine Pass arriving some time after 01:00. Four hours later we were up. As luck would have it we were offered a hearty breakfast of pancakes & sausage - how Zidek manages this kind of feat time & time again continues to amaze me. Still, it definitely beat my planned breakfast smorgasbord of honey stingers and gel. We paid with our time, doing the washing up, I kid you not.

Then off down the trail, arriving at Sunshine a few short hours later.

Total running time - around 7 hours - including 3 hours in the dark!

Definitely one to do if you have a day or two.

Breakfast joint
That's Assiniboine in the clouds
Should've had those axes on Northover....
Nice matching shoes

The traverse in to Citadel Pass
Topping out on Citadel pass, Zidek feeling the distance in his oversize quads

We had rain, hail, sunshine

Pretty happy to find the truck at Sunshine village. Thanks Anna & Saira!

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