Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canmore Middle Sister

I've lived in the Bow Valley now for almost 10 years, and unbelievably, despite them being so 'out there for the taking' I had yet to scale any of the iconic Three Sisters peaks.

So 2 weeks ago, when a window of several hours presented itself, I decided to have a jaunt up Middle Sister. Having never been up there, and with a complete lack of beta, I set out on a day when there were no mountains to be seen from the valley floor. Really, I had no idea what the terrain was like, or how long this trip was going to take for that matter.

Map in hand and the two trusty dogs in tow, we cranked this trip the whole way.

The clouds cleared in a pretty dramatic fashion as we reached the summit ridge, and it really was an amazing vista. A few snaps and then a quick turnaround. The ridge is pretty breathtaking, and I can only imagine the views on a clear day.

Total time 2h 56mins (including getting lost in the golf course!)

It occurs to me as I write this that an up & over of Big and Middle Sisters would be one helluva trip. Mmmm....

Dogs enjoying a strenuous day out

 Pretty amazing vista to distant K country peaks

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